• The Company
          At Quantum Consulting we provide our clients with business solutions combining knowledge of different industries and highly specialized consulting.

          With a methodology aimed at implementing solutions, we provide a unique and integrated approach.

          We advise on the development and implementation of Oracle JD Edwards ERP software.

        • Vision

          • Become a reference company in terms of quality of service, professionalism, and commitment to our customers.
        • Mission

          • Provide strategic consulting services, whose main objective is that our clients work more effectively, with greater flexibility, globally, and permanently communicated with their market and environment through the Oracle JDEdwards system.
        • Values

          • Service attitude.
          • Knowledge.
          • Accountability that summarizes the following two:
            • Responsibility
            • Commitment (comply with what was agreed)
            • Honesty
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OVI – Invoice Digitalization Argentina

Solution Detail The solution automates the processes of loading vouchers in JD Edwards through the BIM (Besy Invoice Management) Cloud platform. This OVI is a pre-requisite for the “Electronic Credit Invoice” OVI. Automate the entry of legal receipts from suppliers,...

OVI – Transfer Operations Code – COT Argentina

Legal Requirement Information The COT is a regime by which the goods that are transferred are reported, its origin, destination, owner, and recipient among other relevant data.  According to the Law, the subjects that are obliged to declare are those whose merchandise...

OVI – Electronic Invoice + Legal Reports, Perú

Solution Information The OVI Quantum Peruvian Localization complies with the government obligations in force in Peru thatcover the legal requirements of the Electronic Invoice process and theTax Legal Reports, requested bythe national regulatory body SUNAT. This...
OVI – Localization, Bolivia

OVI – Localization, Bolivia

Solution Information The Bolivian OVI Quantum Localization complies with the government agencies’ obligation in force inBolivia and with common business practices, having as main objective the permanent updatewith thenew resolutions of the country. This solution...

OVI – Inlfation Adjustment

Legal Requirement Information In an inflationary context, the preparation of financial statements withoutadjustment, do not represent the real situation of the company, for this reasonthe need arose to develop asolution that performs Adjustment byInflation, integrated...