• The Company
          At Quantum Consulting we provide our clients with business solutions combining knowledge of different industries and highly specialized consulting.

          With a methodology aimed at implementing solutions, we provide a unique and integrated approach.

          We advise on the development and implementation of Oracle JD Edwards ERP software.

        • Vision

          • Become a reference company in terms of quality of service, professionalism, and commitment to our customers.
        • Mission

          • Provide strategic consulting services, whose main objective is that our clients work more effectively, with greater flexibility, globally, and permanently communicated with their market and environment through the Oracle JDEdwards system.
        • Values

          • Service attitude.
          • Knowledge.
          • Accountability that summarizes the following two:
            • Responsibility
            • Commitment (comply with what was agreed)
            • Honesty
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Upgrades y Migrations

Evolve with new versions of JD Edwards and take
advantage of new functionalities.


JD Edwards Roadmap

JDEdwards Roadmap is the support and forecasting plan for product updates or improvements that Oracle makes available to all its customers.

Upgrades Services

CNC specialization
Certification in the Upgrade Methodology 100 days

We can provide any of the following services according to your needs:

  • Initial preparation and planning to define a route for updating
  • Project administration
  • Personalized training for desired new features and functions
  • Guidance and assistance in the testing and problem-solving process
  • Technical tasks, installation, and administration.

Retrofitting of mandatory interfaces and modifications


Types of Upgrade Projects

Technical upgrade

Pros: Fast, small changes.

ConsLow return. There is no modernization of business processes.

Platform modernization.
Adopt new differentiators like UX One, Personalization, Orchestrator

Pros: Fast. Add value.

Cons: Requires additional training.

Functional upgrade.
Adopt new functionalities and / or add new modules

Pros: Introduction of improved solutions.

Cons: New modules and processes increase training.

Upgrade transformation. Re-implement from the basic product for process improvement. Platform

Pros: Accompany a necessary business change.

Cons: Radically extends the scope of the project.


From our experience in migration projects from World Software to EnterpriseOne we can summarize
the following tasks:

  • Replacement of  “customs” by:
    • New standard functionality
    • Current locations
    • OVI Products – Quantum
  • Reengineering of Tasks, Roles and Security.
  • Replacement of reports and queries by BIPublisher, One View Reporting, UXOne.
  • Use of platform control and management tools and object administration.Reingeniería de Tareas, Roles y Seguridad.

Why migrate to EnterpriseOne 9.2?

  • World and EnterpriseOne: both are JD Edwards
  • Your company’s current JD Edwards World knowledge will translate to EnterpriseOne. Common design elements support similar majors, charts of accounts, bills of materials, address books, business processes, and configurable codes.
  • A better user experience.
  • EnterpriseOne’s graphical-based navigation UI makes daily tasks intuitive and easy.
  • With EnterpriseOne 9.2, you also get features like mobile apps, and the Orchestrator, allowing you to
    stay connected anywhere, everywhere.

Migration Paths for JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne

Data Conversion Scripts Options for  JD Edwards World Customers

From JD Edwards World Release To JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 Data Conversion Scripts
A7.3 cume 9 Direct
A8.1 Step 1: Migrate to Xe
Step 2: Upgrade from Xe to 9.2
A9.1 Step 1: Upgrade to A9.2 Update 1 or A9.3
Step 2: Migrate to E1 9.2
A9.2 Update 1 Direct
A9.3 Update 1 Direct
A9.3 Direct (From A9.3 Update 1)
A9.4 Direct

What else do we do?

Translating Technology into Business is part of a global concept of materializing all the technological tools
available, to take advantage and pay 100% of the benefits for your ERP JDEdwards system. Below is a list
of all our specialties

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