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Availability of EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 5 (9.2.5)

On November 4, Oracle announced the Availability of EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 5 (Version 9.2.5) that is compatible with EnterpriseOne Applications Release 9.2.

In Tool Release 9.2.5, Oracle JD Edwards continues to invest in digital transformation, user experience, systems automation, security, and more.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation provides a platform that enables you to participate in the digital economy, transform business processes, and embrace emerging technologies.

It simplifies how you integrate your system with third-party systems and cloud services, how you receive accurate data in real-time from the Internet of Things devices, and how you create alternative user interfaces.

Digital transformation transforms the way you use your EnterpriseOne system and enhances the value it has for your business.

Detail of the Update

  • “Assertion Framework” for orchestrations.

This feature allows the orchestration designer to specify the values ​​that orchestration will produce.

  • Improved configuration between enterprise servers and AIS server
  • Allow variables when loading REST files

As part of its ability to invoke third-party services through its REST connector, the Orchestrator can also load various types of content.

  • Configurable AIS session initialization.
  • Extend the EnterpriseOne user session to externally hosted web applications.

The UX One framework offers EnterpriseOne users a converged, flexible, and configurable user interface for all their business applications. Even web-based third-party applications can be configured on EnterpriseOne pages and external forms

  • Optimized retrieval of large data sets per orchestrator.

User Experience

With a platform to extend and customize application forms and the data they act on, your technical staff, business analysts, and end-users can collaborate to optimize and streamline the user interface for simple business processes.

Detail of the Update

  • Improvements in the extensibility of forms.
  • Improved search criteria and actions for business search.
  • Improved help.

System automation

Give your technical team the tools they need to automate manual and repetitive administrative processes such as object management, troubleshooting, and batch management.

Provision of secure authentication, access, and monitoring at every layer of the architecture while adhering to ever-changing security standards.

Detail of the Update

  • Virtual batch queues.
  • Development client simplification.
  • Automated troubleshooting for kernel failures.
  • Web-enabled Object Management Workbench (OMW).
  • Development and implementation of web-based packages.


Ensured by an ongoing effort to provide secure authentication, access, and monitoring at every layer of the architecture while adhering to ever-changing security standards.

Detail of the Update

  • Support for long and complex database passwords.
  • Automatic configuration of TLS (Transport Layer Security) between the server administrator console and agents.

Open Platforms

Provides choice and control over the underlying computing architecture on which your EnterpriseOne system runs.

JD Edwards continually certifies the latest platforms to ensure customers have a stable, modern platform capable of adapting to future innovation.

Detail of the Update

Starting with EnterpriseOne Tools version 9.2.5, JD Edwards announces support for running the EnterpriseOne Tools base in 64-bit full mode on the following UNIX platforms:

  • Oracle Solaris en SPARC
  • IBM AIX en sistemas POWER
  • HP-UX Itanium

You can count on us to optimize your Jd Edwards installation. We offer qualified support, proactive management, and assured response times.

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