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          At Quantum Consulting we provide our clients with business solutions combining knowledge of different industries and highly specialized consulting.

          With a methodology aimed at implementing solutions, we provide a unique and integrated approach.

          We advise on the development and implementation of Oracle JD Edwards ERP software.

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          • Become a reference company in terms of quality of service, professionalism, and commitment to our customers.
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          • Provide strategic consulting services, whose main objective is that our clients work more effectively, with greater flexibility, globally, and permanently communicated with their market and environment through the Oracle JDEdwards system.
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          • Service attitude.
          • Knowledge.
          • Accountability that summarizes the following two:
            • Responsibility
            • Commitment (comply with what was agreed)
            • Honesty
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Requirement Information

The OVI COBA product allows bank reconciliation between valueseconomic values recorded in the current account and their bank movements. 

Main Characteristics:

  • Flexibility in handling external information that enters JD Edwards through text files fromvarious sources (Home Banking, Interbanking, etc).
  • Administration of the complete information of bank statements in, JD Edwards, controlling its integrity: Opening Balances.
  • Final Balances and Transactions.
  • Possibility of manual reconciliation of records, allowing to cancel the automatic reconciliation of items.
  • Generation of unique identification numbers for each round of reconciliation, referencing the batch process.
  • Purification of information from accounting lots, allowing the cancellation of the concepts thatunderwent modifications.
  • Review of the information through reports and consultations, allowing the data export tospreadsheets.
  • Possibility of maintaining the information by the user, through the following flexible tables:

                          » Bank relations with your legal number, address book number, list of bank branches,numbers and types of accounts.

                          » Relations between concepts of bank statements.

                          » Relations between concepts of bank statements with JD Edwards internal documents