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          At Quantum Consulting we provide our clients with business solutions combining knowledge of different industries and highly specialized consulting.

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          • Provide strategic consulting services, whose main objective is that our clients work more effectively, with greater flexibility, globally, and permanently communicated with their market and environment through the Oracle JDEdwards system.
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What is an OVI (Oracle Validated Integration)?

JD Edwards, being a Global ERP, includes global processes, which can be followed in different countries and allows a company with subsidiaries to consolidate its entire operation with common elements.

But it also adapts to regulatory and legal requirements in each country.

There are two ways to meet these local requirements:

  • Due to changes in the system through ESU’s (Electronic Software Updates)
  • By local aggregates through OVI’s (Oracle Validated Integrations).

This local adaptation should ensure that the system remains within the program: Continuous Innovation for JD Edwards with Premier Support through at least 2031.

What does it mean to be within the Oracle Applications Unlimited-Continuous Innovation strategy for JD Edwards 9.2?

Continuos Innovation 2031

JD Edwards development strategy that assures Customers that, being on version 9.2, they will not have to do “major upgrades” until at least 2031. Any software improvement will be implemented through incremental partial changes automatically.

To continue within the JD Edwards 9.2 Support Strategy, a requirement must be met:

The system must remain updated with the incremental changes that are released “continuously” and are automatically installable.

Examples of these incremental changes are the ESU’s mentioned. The ESUs must be installed to continue with the support and reception of future improvements (they are correlative).

How should OVI’s be developed to remain within Premier Support 2031?

Because of the above, there is a correct way to implement the OVI’s.

They must contemplate all the updates (ESU’s) existing at the time of implementation and must be developed with the system tools (Orchestrator Suite).

In this way, it is ensured that any subsequent improvement can be applied automatically while maintaining the value of the application.

OVI’s products developed by Quantum Consulting have their own identification (Q77), following the world nomenclature granted by ORACLE.

We present below two cases of regulatory and legal requirements in Argentina:

  • Invoices Digitalization
  • Electronic Credit Invoice

You will find two levels of detail:

  • A summary or flow diagram indicating the sequence of steps of the solution with an overview of the scope of each step
  • The Functional Diagram of each solution